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Super Lube® Synthetic Oil with PTFE 4 oz Bottle


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4 oz bottle Super Lube Oil with PTFE (High Viscosity)

Super Lube Oil with PTFE is a premium, synthetic oil with suspended PTFE particles that bond to surfaces of moving parts providing protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Ideally suited for industrial machinery and equipment, it is safe on metal, rubber, plastic, wood, leather, fabric and painted surfaces. Machinery lasts longer, downtime is reduced, and productivity is increased. 4 oz bottle Super Lube Oil with PTFE (High Viscosity)

SUPER LUBE® is enhanced with PTFE. PTFE is one of the most slippery materials known to science today.
All surfaces have microscopic irregularities, which create friction when rubbed against each
other. The introduction of PTFE into these irregularities smoothes out the surfaces, reducing the
wear and sticking that friction causes. The micron-sized particles of PTFE in SUPER LUBE®
are carried to these surface irregularities by the base lubricant and are ironed into place by the
action of the two moving surfaces. A proprietary process keeps the PTFE particles dispersed in
the base lubricant assuring a continual replenishment of PTFE to the surface irregularities.